Popular Destinations

Popular Destinations

There are various places to check out in Maui, here are the top 20 things to do in Maui on your trip to Maui.

1)  Whale Watching Tours

One of the best Things to do in Maui, Hawaii is to go on a whale watching tour. When you look at the North Pacific Humpback Whales beautifying Maui’s oceans during their annual winter migration, you will notice it’s such an exciting experience.


Whale_watchSince the ancient Polynesian cultures came to the shores of Hawaii, these majestic mammals have been moving from the waters of North Alaskan to Hawaii’s oceans since 1300 AD. Every year, these majestic ocean creatures continue traveling to the waters of Maui to produce their baby calves and stay quiet all through the winter months.

The whales usually play happily on the ocean’s surface. Big Whales have a length of 40 feet and a weight of 40 tons. Whale season in Maui begins in November and ends in May. The season for looking at whales is from December 15th- March 31st.

2) Road to Hana

The Road to Hana is one of the most famous activities to carry out on Maui for a lot of reasons, including beautiful scenery, waterfall visits and an opportunity to check out less visited areas. It is also a chance to discover a rare glimpse into the Old Hawaii, visit breathtaking natural wonders and experience local Hawaiian culture. Some visitors decide to explore the Road to Hana by a tour, but we will advise you rent a vehicle, plan your best schedule and go on a personal adventure. A lot of websites and guidebooks lead tourist traffic on the Road to Hana, do not always take into account that some sights are placed on adjacent protected lands or private properties. The first rule for moving down the Road to Hana is to be respectful; do not litter, do not be rude to the residents of Maui’s local community and do not trespass.

When deciding on your trip to Hana, begin at Paia Town. We will advise that you arrive early in Paia, at 7:30 am, to avoid highway traffic in Hana and to achieve the most out of your day.

There are various places to check out along the highway of Hana, but we advise the following stops for first timers:

  • Twin Falls (mile marker 2) for a trip to a waterfall and a good smoothie or tasty coconut.
  • The Garden of Eden termed Arboretum (mile marker 10) to view Hawaiian fauna and flora.
  • Wai’anapanapa State Park (mile marker 32) to view a black sand beach, a beautiful coastline, and a rare view into the Old Hawaii.
  • NahikuOpen market (mile marker 29) for beautiful gifts and tasty treats.

In Hana, feel free to check the art galleries, Hana Bay, and farmers markets. When you pass Hana a little, you can relax at Hamoa Beach, or move further towards Kipahulu and experience the Seven Sacred Pools of Oheo.

3) A Trip to Molokini

When on Maui, do as the Maui’s do, snorkel at Molokini Crater. This is a must-do activity and something that your family and friends will be grateful for.


The Island of Maui has the famous Molokini Crater. It is located a little below 3 miles away from the shoreline; this is one of the most places to snorkel in Hawaii. When it comes to snorkeling in Maui, Molokini should not be missed.  To see Hawaiian Sea Turtles types of algae, 35 species of coral, Parrotfish, Raccoon Butterfly Fish and lot more.

As a result of Molokini being a small volcanic caldera island, there is no sand around the snorkel site. This means that the clarity of the ocean is the best it can be for underwater visibility (up to 150-feet).

4) Sunrise at Mt. Haleakala

Go to 10,000 feet above the sea level and view a beautiful Maui sunrise from the summit of Mt. Haleakala on Maui. This essential Maui activity is something that will leave you surprised, and an excited crowd. There is nothing like a Maui sunrise, it’s beautiful and should be one of the top things to do in Maui . The best time to view the sunrise at Mt. Haleakala is on your first morning on Maui. It can set the pace for your perfect Maui vacation and will also be what you desire to avoid jet-lag encouraged turning and tossing in the morning. You should make arrangements to visit Haleakala Crater now.

When planning to go on this trip, please consider that it will take about 1.5 hours to get to Mt. Haleakala’s summit from Kahului. Whichever part of the island you live on, check with the closest local and inquire from them how long it will take to reach Kahului from where you are. Next, observe the local sunrise time, and make plans to get to the Haleakala Visitor Center 30-minutes before sunrise to get acquainted with the best view. When taking a trip to Haleakala, know that at a higher elevation, the weather will be cool, so endeavor to carry along a hoodie and blanket when you want to rest. Your gas tank should be filled, take some snacks and coffee, get your camera and a smartphone, and you are good to go.

Viewing the sunrise from Mt. Haleakala is an exciting experience. Watching the sun come from the clouds for another fabulous Maui day is near to sacred. It’s like looking at a watercolor painting unfold right in front of you. This Maui activity is indeed awe inspiring.

5) Maui Ocean Center

Take a time out at noon with your friends and family, pay a visit to the only aquarium in the world dedicated to preserving and displaying Hawaiian marine life. The Maui Ocean Center provides a full exploration for all visitors, whether they are children or adults. This is certainly one of the best things to do on Maui with children.


The Maui Ocean Center displays Hawaiian sea life, ocean ecology displays and Hawaiian culture. Through a walking path that provides direction, every visitor will love their rare attraction which includes the Hammerhead Shark pool and outdoor Hawaii sea turtle. This aquarium is known also for their fully surrounding sea-tunnel and a vast indoor shark tank that shows Tiger Sharks, Hammerhead Sharks, Grey Tips, White Tips and a diversity of deep water fish.

6) Helicopter Tours

Fly high above the Hawaiian Islands and view the beautiful Island of Maui and the outer islands of Lana’i and Moloka’i with a bird’s eye view! Take a look at lush valleys, waterfalls, erupting volcanoes, dramatic coastlines and beautiful reef formations from the skyline. When you are in Hawaii, there are different helicopter tour companies and several tours to choose from. They usually offer different experiences, so we have a couple of Maui helicopter tour companies you can consider.

Hawaii’s Premier Helicopter Tour Company was formerly named Blue Hawaiian helicopter by National Geographic and the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2014 winner. With Blue Hawaiian, guests have the option to decide from Maui County – West Maui Mountains six tours, Complete Island, West Maui & Moloka’i, Maui Spectacular, Hana/Haleakala and Maui/Big Island. The private charter tour can also be booked by guests, this is unique for sky adventures that are related to celebrations and honeymoon.

Since the year 2001, Blue Hawaiian Helicopters has been providing Eco-Star helicopters, which has unique “quiet-technology,” that have a big cockpit and first-class seating. All tours feature 4-camera digital DVD in-flight recording, Bose aviation grade noise canceling headsets and two-way communication usually between the pilot and guests.

7) Oheo Gulch – (7 Sacred Pools)

The Oheo Gulch Pools is mostly referred to as the Seven Sacred Pools, this is one of the most famous attractions on Maui. This area is a natural beautiful spectacle, with waterfalls and string of pools pouring from the East Maui Mountain valleys to the Pacific Ocean coastline.


This is an amazing place to view Maui on vacation, and it will make a permanent imprint in your mind of timeless memories. There is usually an easy access to lower pools, and always the best option for visitors who will like to jump in. As a result of the Seven Sacred Pools popularity, it is better to arrive early for an opportunity to enjoy privacy in this lovely location. The favorite way to experience the Seven Sacred Pools is by planning a camping trip to Hana!  Exploring the historic Road to Hana in the day and reaching the campgrounds of Ohe’o by sunset would be the best way to plan. On the next day , you can then arise to a beautiful morning in the infamous Ohe’o Gulch Pools in Kipahulu.

8) Makena State Parks

Wailea-Makena State Park lies in the south of Wailea which has over 165 acres.  Upon the coastline are two of the most fabulous beaches in Maui; Little Beach (Pu’uOlai Beach) and Makena’s Big Beach

One of the most famous spots in all the Hawaiian Islands is the Makena’s Big Beach for body boarding and skim boarding. This is a great beach in Maui for relaxing with your family and friends, body surfing and sunbathing. Big Beach is exactly 1.5 miles long and 100 feet wide, providing a calm condition, even though it can have a rogue wave and strong undercurrent, though depending on the season. Big Beach has three entrances, public restrooms, parking lots, and lifeguards.

At the north of Big Beach is the little beach. At a particular time, there was a trail leading from one beach to the next, but as a result of the coastline erosion, it is accessible by a 5-minute tramp over a steep lava projection. As soon as you fair the hike, you’re certain of relaxing time from the 660 ft long Little Beach. One of the only nude sunbathing beaches is the little beach in Maui and a famous spot for Sunday afternoon drum circle parties and fire dancing.

9) Stand Up Paddling

Stand up Paddling is recently becoming one of the most famous world ocean activities. Available to various individuals and easy to know, spend your day relishing gorgeous shoreline and ocean views. Find your balance, strengthen your core and feel a sense of accomplishment learning stand up paddling in Hawaii.


Children and adults both enjoy SUP, and also most sports women are engaging in it. You can begin by practicing it on flat water. Try to do small wave riding and you will eventually gain the boldness to go home with this sport. World water sports enthusiasts are taking stand up paddling to lakes, rivers, oceans and even reservoirs.

In Maui, stand up paddling training is a beautiful day adventure, and will certainly give you useful instructions and new skill sets that will be useful to take away.

10) Lahaina’s Banyan Tree

Lahaina’s Banyan Tree is aged over 137 years old and is seen all over 1-acre of downtown Lahaina.

LahainaBanyan Tree

Sheriff William Owen Smith in 1873, planted the Banyan Tree to mark the 50th Anniversary of missionaries (Protestants) in Lahaina. The single trunk has now expanded into about 16 trunks due to this species aerial roots. In Lahaina, the Banyan tree is a historical landmark and an amazing sight. As a recognized meeting place in Lahaina, so many times visitors find amazing local art vendors a little below the Banyan’s canopies which cause a great walk in the squares.

11) Iao Valley State Park

iao Valley State Park

A day at Iao Valley State Park is usually very rewarding. Iao Valley is not only a Maui cultural landmark but also a religious site for keeping ancient Hawaiian demigods and served as an important location in Hawaiian history. Magical and inviting, lush, Iao Valley is very beautiful. This location is unique for a family day on Maui hiking through easy tracks left behind, swimming in the waterfall and getting a picnic or a BBQ. When leaving Iao Valley, create time to check the Hawaii natural center and Kepaniwai Heritage Gardens.

12) Ho’okipa Beach Park

Ho’okipa Beach Park is one of the most popular beaches in Hawaii, and one of the most known beaches in the world for professional windsurfing and surfing. In the Hawaiian language, “ho’okipa” is known as hospitality, which is the same thing the Beach Park offers!

At the Ho’okipa Beach Park, you get to see a handful of the world’s best watermen and water women set the stage. At Ho’okipa, visitors can view the powerful North Shore Maui coastline and gorgeous submerged ridge of rock formations from the top parking lot. Or you can go to the sand to have fun while people watch, BBQ’s in the afternoon, and be under the Maui sunshine. During winter, the current can be really strong, so it’s advisable that only swimmers who are experienced should go out on that trip. In the summer, Ho’okipa provides one of the best areas to snorkel. Enjoy international appeal while on a visit to Ho’okipa Beach Park. Feel the North Shore of Maui the way the locals do, and just relax and enjoy life in Hawaii.

13) The Dolphins at La Perouse

Seeing the dolphins at La Perouse Bay is one of the most beautiful things to do.La Perouse is visited by Pods of Spinner Dolphins every day! After getting a privilege to watch the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins in their normal environment, go on a short walk through the marked tracks at La Perouse Bay.


Ensure to stay on the trails because environments of La Perouse are protected by Hawaiian historical sites. One end of the historic King’s Trail on Maui is marked by La Perouse.At La Perouse, beautiful lava formations are seen as they go towards the sea. Sometimes people riding horses at La Perouse may be seen, and with a closer look, you might see some wild goats playing around the Kiawe trees.

At the end of Makena Alanui Road, Highway 31, you will find La Perouse. There is a parking lot, but no facilities or public restroom.  When you are done with your visit, you go back to Highway 31 to visit Makena State Beach Park en route back to Kihei.

14) Wai’anapanapa State Park

Wai’anapanapa State Park spreads all over 122 acres of East Maui coastal land. Within this beautiful area, visitors get an opportunity to go through two trail loops, look at a dramatic coastline with sea-sculpted lava shelves, a blowhole, 5 sheltered caves, ancient Hawaiian burial sites and the beautiful Pa’iloa Beach, also known as Black Sand Beach.

One of the few Hawaii State parks on Maui that allow people to camp is Wai’anapanapa; it has various picnics and BBQ areas, 12 cabins are available to rent but ensure you book ahead of time, although they are not presently open due to renovations. It also has shower facilities, restroom, and a large parking lot. This is an vacation spot for both residents and visitors, with a lot of tour buses that stop through daily.

Close to Mile Marker 32 off the Hana Highway, you will find Wai’anapanapa. If you are going east towards of Hana Town, you will surely see a sign on the makai side of the road where you go towards your left-hand side to reach the State Park. While researching the Wai’anapanapa’s trails, guests should make sure they follow the information written on all signage. When you see the word ‘kapu,’ it means stay out! This park has more than 34 ancient Hawaiian historical sites, so do not take the history for granted, please show respect to the ‘aina (land), and our aumakua (ancestors). This state park is  open all days of the week and can be visited without a fee.

15) Maui Zip n’ Dip Tours

If you are planning for adventurous day with your friends and family, then Maui’s only Zip n’ Dip Tours! is one of the best things to do in Maui. This is an exciting trip in Hawaii zip line adventures, provided only via Skyline Eco-Adventures on Maui. This activity is getting more and more famous, so ensure you book this Maui activity very early.

 Zip n Dip

Visitors usually have two options to select from when arranging their Maui Zip n’ Dip Tour – the first tour is a 3-hour, 4-line adventure in which visitors can venture along three new lines and finally get to the 4th line’ Zip n’ Splash’, where they will spend exactly forty-five minutes swimming and Stand Up paddle boarding in a fresh water pool. The second one is a 4.5-hour tour with a new 9-line zip tour, where visitors will move high through 8 separate zip lines, and finally get to the 9th ‘Zip n’ Splash,’ which will end with a 45-minutes of freshwater fun.

16) Honolua Bay

Honolua Bay is a 20-minute drive north of the ancient town of Lahaina. Apart from Honolua Bay being a popular Maui snorkeling and surfing beach, it is also elegant, colorful and energetic beaches amongst all the Hawaiian Islands.

Honolua is a famous surf spot for surfers who are experienced. During the summer, Honolua is one of the nicest places on Maui for scuba diving and snorkeling. The bluffs above the beach area give a good spot for viewing from a safe distance or looking at a wonderful West Maui sunset.

To snorkel at Honolua Bay, visitors are provided with lots of options. Arrange for a snorkel cruise that will take you to the Bay, or drive to Honolua, check for the sign (Honolua-Mokule’ia Bay Marine Life Conservation District) and engage in a short hike to Honolua’s forest. At Honolua Bay, when you snorkel, go into the water on the rocky beach right side. Some people decide to go to the left entrance, but most times the water is cloudy as a result of the freshwater stream on that side of the bay.

17) Rappel waterfall tour

Explore the beauty of Hawaii on the “Maui most unique tour.” Tour through the 26-acre privately possessed botanical garden and Maui rainforest, and transform into a Hawaiian-style canyoneering that rappels beneath lava rock outlined waterfalls. This is an exceptional Maui activity, and the only of its kind in Hawaii.


In the morning, guests will travel down the Hana Highway near the East Maui, with the guidance of professionals. Participants will receive an in-depth level of information regarding the Maui rainforest environment, a tour of the botanical gardens, they will get decked out of canyoneering, and also receive a Rappel training and safety instruction.

Later on, Canyoneers will lead the guests into the Maui jungle, give them more hands-on training, and they will get the chance to practice their new skills on a 60-yard jungle wall. After an approved show-and-tell session with the guests, they will be given the option to continue onto a 50ft waterfall, where they can rappel into a fresh water pool. If the guests choose to go on, they can rappel down a more challenging 30ft waterfall.

18) Scuba diving

In Hawaii, Scuba diving is mostly done in Maui. The underwater coastlines have an opulence of sea life, coral gardens, lava rock life and ideal scuba diving locations. You can travel across the reef and be amazed at the wonders, while you observe Maui’s perfectly balanced ecosystem, the marine animals, the school of fish, the caves and Cauliflower coral.

 19) Maui Pineapple Tour

Maui Pineapple Tour is now made available twice a day, and 7 days a week. Located at the Hali’imaile Pineapple Plantation, guests will enjoy examining the only pineapple tour in Maui and the only tour of a working pineapple plantation in the United States.


Maui-Pineapple-TourThe Maui Pineapple Tour is an eco-friendly and educational tour that allow participants to learn about Maui’s Pineapple growing history, cycles, and cultivation techniques.

The tour begins with seeing how the pineapples are harvested and watching how they are packed and shipped. Every guest will have an opportunity to taste the pineapple at different stages and will be gifted with fresh and tasty Maui pineapple as a souvenir.

20) Parasailing

Parasailing is one of the most interesting activities that can be done in Maui, but you should be aware that it can be done only in the spring and summer months. During the Maui’s whale watching season, which is around late October – April, parasailing vendors are not allowed to operate.

The most popular parasailing company on Maui is definitely the UFO Parasails. Their services are the best in the business and they have a funny, knowledgeable, and professional crew. Safety and fun are the two most important things to the UFO staff. Maui parasailing tours leave from Ka’anapali Beach

A small group should be expected in the Maui parasailing adventure. The group is usually not more than 8 people so that each and everyone can enjoy a fair amount of time in the air. When it’s your turn to fly over the Pacific Ocean, you’ll be harnessed and parched in the back of the boat. Going down, you can get dipped in the ocean if you choose, so make sure the parasailing guides are aware ahead of time.

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Golden circle-gullfoss

What is the Golden Circle tour?

The Golden Circle Iceland tour is a round path that covers 300 kilometers and loopholes from Reykjavík right into main Iceland and back in an excursion.This tour is not to be puzzled with the Iceland Ring Roadway, which takes around a week to finish and discover.The Golden Circle tour is a preferred Icelandic day trip. It is one of the best tourist points you can visit in Iceland, there’s a reason it’s preferred. There are some fantastic and one-of-a-kind things to see or do there.

The Golden Circle tour spots to visit

The Golden Circle tour has 3 popular spots that you must visit, Geysir or also known as Geyser, a geothermal location where all hot springs obtain their name, Thingvellir National forest where the Viking Parliament assembled every summer for almost the last 1000 years, and Gullfoss, the Golden Falls. It takes around 5-6 hrs to see all of these.Whether you have a stop in Iceland on a trip from The United States and Canada to Europe, or invest 2 weeks in this gorgeous nation, there is absolutely no scarcity of destinations and intriguing encounters that you could delight in.

Which Vehicle should you rent for Golden Circle tour?

Insight you could use, and this is specifically essential in wintertime, is to lease from a credible auto rental firm where you can be certain the cars are in appropriate and stable working condition, with the best tires and insurance policies and such.

Toyota, VW Golf, Dacia Duster. These are mostly the cars available for your drive. Usually if you want a small car, It will be a Toyota or similar. If you want something bigger, A Volkswagen Golf is what you can use, or something similar. Maybe you need something like an S.U.V? There comes the Dacia duster, or something similar.

Relying on the time or month of year you go, and just what your plans are, you should be good simply getting a little car.As you have actually most likely observed there is a wide variety of auto rental companies in Iceland and there could be a large distinction in rate in between them. Vital in wintertime, is to rent out from a trustworthy automobile rental company where you could be certain of the authenticity. With the appropriate tires and insurance coverages and such.

If you are going out driving for a couple of days you additionally should make certain the rental company you’re dealing with has correct terminals throughout your stops and tour, so you do not get stuck at someplace not able to lug on with a damaged automobile that cannot be changed or repaired.If you are going there in winter months anywhere from November till’ March, you might want to take into consideration, of selecting a 4 × 4. Due to the fact that some roadways could be closed and the roadways are really icy or snowy, this is. Simply inspect the Iceland roadway problems on this main site prior to leaving.

The Golden Circle tour navigation & timing

Driving  Golden Circle tour is an incredible experience, and can be checked out in just a couple of hours.
You could sign up with arranged trip teams around the Golden Circle, yet driving on your own enables you to be able to leave anytime you desire or perhaps take a break, while in a team you would have to follow the tour guide and whatnot, and you wouldn’t have as much freedom.
The course takes you with a few of one of the most incredible views in main Iceland, with views varying from all-natural sites to historical structures, and offers site visitors the opportunity to experience the variety of Iceland in a fairly brief journey.

What to see along the Golden Circle tour?

The Golden Circle tour additionally has the geological and historic marvel that is Thingvellir National forest, where the American and Eurasian structural plates are rising at a measurement of a couple of centimeters each year.
Thingvellir National forest is the area of Iceland’s very first Parliament. A setting up of 48 chieftains collected here to involve and go over legislations in court procedures in support of the nation’s people.

While real driving time for Golden Circle tour is just 3 hours, with stops in the process you’re taking a look at 6– 8 hrs depending upon the number of areas or the length of time you want to take to look around.See some stunning falls called Gullfoss. This rapid and vast relocating river drops and transforms over an edge 100 feet down, generating thick haze and constant rainbows.

The Golden Circle tour enables you to go to several of Iceland’s many spectacular views, beginning with the Geysir geothermal location where the Strokkur hot spring fires a column of water approximately 30 meters into the air every couple of minutes, in an awesome display screen of nature’s pressures.

Gullfoss Fall (Golden Falls), developed by the river Hvítá, which dives and topples into a gap some 32 meters.Gullfoss falls is situated off the highway, so you need to backtrack a little. There is a roadway that proceeds in it, however it is among Iceland’s infamous F-roads that needs 4×4.

The initial Geysir do not appear after an earthquake closed it down, however another one called Strokkur frequently blows up with hot water going 100 feet into the air every 10 mins.When visiting Gulfoss. After coming down a lengthy stairs from the car park, a path permits site visitors to stroll along the side and overlook into the barking waterfall. The location around the drops gets very gusty, so a water-proof coat and pants are suggested if you want to get close. The significant landscapes at Gullfoss makes it among Iceland’s most preferred tourist attractions.

Furthermore, the Golden Circle tour trips through to the picturesque Friðheimar greenhouse farming centre, where you could learn more about the magic behind expanding scrumptious, pesticide-free tomatoes and cucumbers with the help of the geothermal warmth that Iceland has.So even if you only have 3 hours available, you can explore the entire Golden Circle tour, and look at the scenery on your way.

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Best hawaiian island to visit

Which Hawaiian Island To Visit?

Are you looking to choose best Hawaiian island to visit for your vacation? Fоr the vіѕіtоr considering a vacation, thеrе іѕ no рlасе like Hаwаіі. Whеthеr you’re a nеw оr rеturnіng vіѕіtоr, thе Hawaiian Iѕlаndѕ оffеr thеіr оwn unіԛuе еxреrіеnсеѕ. While planning a Hawaiian vacation ,it always advisable to check when is the best time of the year to visit Hawaii. Eасh оf these іѕlаndѕ hаѕ specific сlіmаtеѕ, асtіvіtіеѕ and dіffеrеnсеѕ thаt сrеаtе a unique experience for each vіѕіtоr. Lets take a сlоѕеr look аt the best island to visit in Hawaii.

Is Kauai the best island to visit in Hawaii?

Kаuаі hоldѕ thе Hаwаііаn аnѕwеr tо the Grаnd Canyon. Did уоu knоw thаt thіѕ canyon іѕ one оf thе lаrgеѕt іn thе расіfіс? The Waimea саnуоn is an еѕѕеntіаl раrt оf your trір tо Kаuаі and tоurѕ are available thrоughоut the уеаr in a variety of fоrmѕ tо еxрlоrе thіѕ саnуоn.

Kauai іѕ one оf thе oldest іѕlаndѕ, and thе northernmost, аnd іѕ fіllеd with rich historical еxреrіеnсе thаt еnvеlорѕ the visitor. Boat rіdеѕ to the сlіffѕ оf Nіраlі Cоаѕtѕ аrе аn essential part оf аnу vіѕіt, аѕ nоwhеrе еlѕе will уоu hаvе the орроrtunіtу to ѕее such tоwеrіng сlіffѕ hanging over уоur hеаd.If you are lооkіng to gеt away frоm thе buѕtlе оf dаіlу life and enjoy the nature then Kauai is the best island to visit in Hawaii.

Thе іѕlаnd’ѕ ѕtunnіng natural bеаutу has brоught еvеn filmmakers tо its ѕhоrеѕ. Mоvіеѕ lіkе Sоuth Pасіfіс and Jurassic Pаrk wеrе shot оn Kauai Iѕlаnd. Oftеn саllеd thе “Gаrdеn Isle,” Kauai has luѕh grееn rаіnfоrеѕtѕ, pristine rіvеrѕ and wаtеrfаllѕ. Thіѕ nаturаl beauty соuрlеd wіth 50 mіlеѕ оf untоuсhеd beaches makes Kаuаі a popular honeymoon destination.

Even аdvеnturе lоvеrѕ еnjоу a Hаwаііаn Islands vасаtіоn tо this beautiful іѕlаnd. Hіkіng, zірlіnіng аnd kауаkіng аrе just some оf thе асtіvіtіеѕ аvаіlаblе to аdrеnаlіn junkіеѕ. Whіlе here, dо vіѕіt thе Nараlі Cоаѕt and the brеаthtаkіng Waimea Cаnуоn.

Is Mаuі the best Hawaii island to visit?

Thе іѕlаnd оf Maui hаѕ a lot to оffеr. If уоu fіnd Hawaii Iѕlаnd vасаtіоn packages рrоvіdіng Mаuі vасаtіоnѕ at reasonable rates, dо not раѕѕ thеm up! Thіѕ scenic іѕlаnd hаѕ ѕоmеthіng fоr everyone. The sands оf Kааnараlі drаw bеасh lovers frоm аrоund thе world.

Mаuі is the best island to visit in Hawaii for Mаrіnе lіfе еnthuѕіаѕtѕ and Beach lovers. Mаrіnе lіfе еnthuѕіаѕtѕ hеаd tо thе tоwn оf Lаhаіnа tо ѕроt whаlеѕ basking оn its ѕhоrеѕ. Thе ѕо-саllеd “Magic Isle” іѕ аlѕо hоmе tо championship gоlf courses. Sо уоu can tее оff while thе rеѕt of your family fоllоwѕ a hіkіng trаіl іn the Hаlеаkаlа Nаtіоnаl Park.

Mаuі has ѕоmе оf the bеѕt bеасhеѕ іn thе wоrld ассоrdіng tо mоѕt trаvеlеrѕ. It is the ѕесоnd lаrgеѕt of the Hawaiian Islands аnd is hоmе tо thе lаrgеѕt рорulаtіоn оf Humpback whales, іn thе wоrld! Mаuі hаѕ еxtеnѕіvе roadways whісh wіll provide hоurѕ оf tоurіѕm, ѕо rеntіng a саr аnd enjoying thе seaside іѕ оnе of the main tоurіѕt destinations on thе іѕlаnd. On Maui, thеrе іѕ аn еxtеnѕіvе whаlіng history. Thіѕ history саn bе seen іn the whaling muѕеumѕ and іnfоrmаtіоn роѕtѕ аvаіlаblе thrоughоut thе іѕlаnd. Tours whісh include whale wаtсhіng аrе ѕоmе of the bеѕt іn thе соuntrу, available for mоdеrаtе рrісеѕ – it іѕ dеfіnіtеlу the experience оf a lіfеtіmе.

Is Oаhu the best island to visit in Hawaii?

Oаhu іnсоrроrаtеѕ lаrgеlу the еѕѕеnсе оf the Hawaiian сulturе. Aѕ this state саріtоl, the largest majority оf Hawaiians саll it home. Oаhu is the best island to visit in Hawaii for exploring Hawaiian nightlife.Visitor come here tо experience the fаmоuѕ Hawaii nightlife.

Stаrt ѕhорріng іn аdvаnсе fоr Hаwаіі Iѕlаnd vасаtіоn rentals in Oаhu. Thіѕ іѕlаnd іѕ a рорulаr tоurіѕt destination all уеаr rоund. And it dоеѕ not gеt more tоurіѕtу thаn thе еvеr-рорulаr Wаіkіkі Bеасh. Oаhu, which іѕ оftеn арtlу саllеd “Thе Gаthеrіng Place,” hаѕ оthеr attractions аѕ well. Fоr a tаѕtе оf hіѕtоrу, vіѕіt thе Pеаrl Hаrbоr memorials оr Iоlаnі Palace, thе only rоуаl rеѕіdеnсе іn thе Unіtеd Stаtеѕ. Oаhu іѕ a ѕhорреr’ѕ раrаdіѕе аѕ wеll. But іf you want to get away frоm it all durіng уоur Hаwаііаn Island vасаtіоn, simply hіkе uр tо Lеаhі, the famous Dіаmоnd Head crater.

Is Bіg Island the best Hawaii island to visit?

Thе Bіg Iѕlаnd іѕ thе lаrgеѕt of the Hаwаііаn Islands, large enough to hоld the majority оf thе world’s сlіmаtе zones! Many love thе fееl оf the large іѕlаnd bесаuѕе оf thе dіvеrѕіtу thаt саn come from vасаtіоnіng here. Frоm waterfalls, beaches and bоtаnісаl gаrdеnѕ tо ѕоmе of the largest bеасhеѕ оn the Hаwаііаn Islands.

Thе Bіg Iѕlаnd is best Hawaii island to visit and see biggest active Volcanos. Kilauea, thе mоѕt асtіvе vоlсаnо in thе wоrld іѕ оnе оf thе bіggеѕt ѕеllіng роіntѕ of a Bіg Iѕlаnd. Hаwаіі vасаtіоn rеntаl deals tо Bіg Iѕlаnd аrе a hіt among adventure lоvеrѕ. And еvеn thоugh Big Island is ѕоmеtіmеѕ referred tо аѕ “Vоlсаnо Iѕlе,” the island also offers ѕсеnіс hiking trаіlѕ, ancient Hаwаііаn temples, thе birthplace оf Kіng Kamehameha, rich mаrіnе lіfе аnd ѕоmе оf thе bеѕt bеасhеѕ (including white, blасk аnd grееn sand bеасhеѕ) іn Hаwаіі. Bіg Island vасаtіоn расkаgеѕ саn rаngе from hіgh-еnd dеаlѕ providing accommodation in luxury rеѕоrtѕ tо сhеареr vасаtіоn homes.

Is Molokai the best island to visit in Hawaii?

A vасаtіоn tо the island of Mоlоkаі allows thе vіѕіtоr to tаkе a ѕtер іntо thе раѕt.Mоlоkаі is best island to visit in Hawaii to explore historic past of Hawaii. Even nоw, оvеr hаlf of the рорulаtіоn оf thе іѕlаnd іѕ dеѕсеndаntѕ оf native Hаwаііаnѕ, аnd thіѕ evident іn thе culture found on and thrоughоut thе іѕlаnd. Thе rісh history can be seen in thе mаnу muѕеumѕ аnd hіѕtоrісаl ѕіtеѕ. From the quiet, historically рrеѕеrvеd tоwn оf Kаunаkаkаі tо the luxurious valleys, never has life bееn mоrе similar tо hоw it has bееn сrеаtеd оn this іѕlаnd. If you are lооkіng fоr a rеlаxіng, уеt, hіѕtоrісаl vасаtіоn – thеn this іѕ thе іѕlаnd for уоu. Dо vіѕіt the whіtе ѕаnd ѕhоrеѕ оf Pароhаku Bеасh whіlе you аrе hеrе. And trу tаkіng a mule rіdе аѕ well.

Is Lаnаі the best Hawaii island to visit?

Lаnаі hаѕ bесоmе knоwn as thе Iѕlаnd tо escape to for a trір tо раrаdіѕе.Lanai is best island to visit in Hawaii for a quiet rоund оf golf, оr to experience a соmрlеtе lack оf traffic! Did уоu know that thеrе іѕ not оnе trаffіс light оn thе entire Iѕlаnd оf Lаnаі? The twо рrіvаtе golf courses оr the rосk fоrmаtіоnѕ which аrе referred tо аѕ ‘thе gаrdеnѕ оf thе gоdѕ’ аrе only thrее of thе rеаѕоnѕ tо vіѕіt the quiet іѕlаnd оf Lаnаі. However, thеrе is mоrе to Lаnаі thаn luxury ассоmmоdаtіоnѕ аnd golf courses.

Thе island is аlѕо popular аmоng tourists whо like tаkіng іtѕ unраvеd rоаdѕ, vіѕіtіng Puu Pehe (Sweetheart Rосk) аnd the fаmоuѕ rock gаrdеn Kеаhіаkаwеlо (Gаrdеn оf the Gods).Trаvеlіng to аll thе іѕlаndѕ during a ѕіnglе trір mау be difficult, but nоt іmроѕѕіblе. A multірlе Hаwаііаn Iѕlаnd vасаtіоn іѕ a great option for travelers wіth ѕоmе time оn thеіr hands.

Hope this helps you to choose the best hawaii island to visit for your vacation.

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Best Time To Visit Ireland

When is the best time to go to Ireland

When is the best time to visit Ireland is the most common question asked by a tourist. Many tourist and visitors know that half the vacation fun is dependent on the weather. So what’s the weather like in Ireland? Ireland does not have the severe temperature levels that various other countries at the same latitude as Ireland have. A significant factor called the North Atlantic Drift keeps sea temperatures mild as well.While the climate could be unpredictable, it’s seldom severe.


Springtime & Summertime
The hottest months are July and August. Ireland gets around 18 hours of daytime with night coming in after 11pm.
Ireland is beautiful with different experiences year round. The summer months are the high season time for visitors. Both fall and spring are mid-season visiting time for vacationers.The best time to travel to Ireland would be in summer for vacation purposes,however this could cost more, we’ll get into later.

Fall & Wintertime
In fall, August to October, the greatest temperature you should be expected to deal with is around 57 ° F. Also September is known to be a warm, lighter month.Winter season temperature levels in land typically get to 46 ° F. The chilliest months are January and February. The temperature level goes down below freezing periodically, and also in addition to some cold waves, snow is present too, but very rare.

Fall and spring are mid-season times for vacationers. You’ll take pleasure in kicking bronze colored leaves that have fallen from the trees, while in spring, nature kicks right into action, flowers bloom gorgeously in the spring season. When it comes to winter, a walk through a national forest on a clear, crisp winter day would give you a glimpse of nature’s beauty here in Ireland.

How To Dress And Prepare
Go for layers that you could place on or take off as the temperature level adjustments. Bring a coat, also in summertime, bring sunglasses, comfy strolling footwear as well as an umbrella.
Of course don’t forget the sunscreen or sunblock. When the sunlight beams in Ireland, they can sometimes be intense to people that are not used to that weather, so use a high quality sunscreen and also bring a sunhat.

Best Time To Go To Ireland For Activities And Events

Now we will discuss the best time to go to Ireland for activities and events. Of course in comparison with the weather, tourists enjoy Ireland because of the activities that you can get involved in.

Ireland’s heritage
Falconry was a sporting activity amongst the aristocracy in the olden times.So it makes good sense for Dromoland Castle to provide an Institution of Falconry for tourists. On this exclusive trip you walk through the castle, when you get to the tower, you get to release an experienced hawk skyward and also call it back to your gloved clenched fist as the chieftains did in the past.The wild Atlantic captivates tourists. It covers over 1,500 miles. Consisting of possibilities to experience Ireland’s heritage along the way.

You might be wondering about the differences in activities and so on during high season which is summer against low season, winter. What about mid-season? Spring and fall? You will notice that the seasonal attractions displaying Ireland’s heritage and tradition are never closed during the year. They are open in every season. So don’t worry about changing attractions. You can experience all the same whether in low, mid, or even high season. The only difference is that in low season, winter, the pubs are much more occupied and alive. There isn’t that much of a rush and tickets are lower price. Other than that and the temperature difference, crowd sizes and ticket prices are usually the only things that vary. Of course there might be seasonal rides that change from season to season, but nothing on the grand level like Ireland’s Cliffs of Moher, which stays open year long.

Shopping and Food
Significant varieties of the best quality garments, ceramic and also keepsakes can be located throughout Ireland.
Ireland’s leading styles as well as the very best of Irish layout can be discovered in the sophisticated shops in Dublin, Brown Thomas is one of them.

Various other shops are located in Ireland including The Body Store. There is additionally a significant variety of small businesses, privately owned foods stores providing a large selection of specialized foods as well as standard Irish favorites such as smoked salmon and also remarkable farmhouse cheeses.Enjoyable cafés are popular in Ireland. You can get whatever you need in Ireland . Fill up on Ireland traditional foods on your travel, they are a staple for all visitors that come to Ireland!

Best Time To Go To Ireland For Airfare And Accommodation

Although there isn’t really a base number for flight prices since it’s based on where you live, we can try to compare some prices. Tickets will be the lowest priced when it is winter season in Ireland. This is because Ireland’s tourists decrease during the low season. This shouldn’t discourage you from going in winter!
So if prices are down during winter season. Summer season sees prices go high, and most people go during the summer so it makes sense for airlines to increase prices. If you want the perfect in-between, try to go during fall or spring time, this time there are moderate amount of people in the moderate season. Ticket prices will be slowly increasing from winter if you go in the spring but they will still be relatively cheap. If you go in the fall, the prices will be dropping from the summer since winter is approaching.

Best time to travel Ireland for saving on airfare and accommodation would have to be the low season, winter. It’s not even that cold during Ireland’s winter. All the major tourist attractions are open, and no more massive crowds! It’s a big win! However the reason most people don’t go and take this opportunity of the low prices airlines and accommodations like hotels during winter, is because people don’t usually have time off during winter, unlike summer where the children have months off for summer break.

So remember to check out Falconry to relive the era of the medieval times, where chieftains used to have their very own hawks that would obey them and perch on their arms. Or maybe explore Ireland’s shops and Cafés that welcome tourists. Remember you can stay warm at the pubs during winter months. The last thing to remember is always have fun, no matter what season you go to Ireland in!

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When is the best time to visit Hawaii?

It’s a question asked by most of the people planning Hawaii vacation or travel plans. Actually, there’s really not a bad time to visit Hawaii. The best time to go to Hawaii will actually depend on what things you plan to do on the Hawaiian islands.
There are four main islands in Hawaii: Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and then of course Hawaii (big) island. Each of these has absolutely breath taking views and a lot of fun things to do, especially for anyone who likes to spend a lot of time in the water. Before we get too carried away talking about best time to go to Hawaii and how much we love these islands, let’s start with small brief of monthly weather conditions in Hawaii.

When is the Hawaii Hurricane Season?

Temperatures in island of Hawaii are warm and pleasant throughout the entire year. Rain is more typical in the winter months of November through March. The hurricane season is normally evident at times from June through November. Brief and light showers happen consistently all around. The Hilo and Kauai area of Big Island are the rainiest of all the regions, while Big Island’s Kona and West Maui coast are relatively hotter and more on the dry side. Particularly on the islands’ northern shores, the surf waves are big and rough in the winter season.




What is the weather like in January in Hawaii

January is one of the cool months in the Hawaiian year, with temperatures as low as 68ºF. Rain is likely, however not that heavy. In this month the north shores will see most great waves, with large swells in the west. It’s a wise idea to bring in a light coat or dress in layers for cold nights or for going to high heights. The average high temperature and rain in January will be around 79ºF and 78mm of rainfall. The average water temperature would be around 76ºF.

What is the weather like in February in Hawaii

Average temperatures in February are the same as January, around 68-79ºF, yet rain is somehow heavier. Tremendous waves keep on hitting the north and western shores. A light coat and garments that dry rapidly are recommended in this period of the year; whale watching trips do get splashy. The average high temperature and rain in February will be around 79ºF and 90mm of rainfall. The average water temperature would be around 75ºF.

What is the weather like in March in Hawaii

Average March temperatures continue as before as in February, with only somehow less rain. Northern swells are still very substantial however not the heavy winter. Western waves might be somehow greater than those up on north. The average high temperature and rain in March will be around 79ºF and 88mm of rainfall. The average water temperature would be around 75ºF.

What is the weather like in April in Hawaii

Average temperatures are same in March and April, yet rain drops off substantially. Layers are a smart thought, and rain gear can be deserted. Waves on all coasts in April run from flat to medium in size, and the water’s beginning to warm up. Incredible time for snorkeling! The average high temperature and rain in April will be around 79ºF and 52mm of rainfall. The average water temperature would be around 77ºF.

What is the weather like in May in Hawaii

May is one of the sunniest and driest months of the year, and temperatures keep on rising up. Surf is still little to medium in many areas, with warm sea temperatures. This is viewed as one of the greatest months to visit Hawaii for extraordinary climate conditions. The average high temperature and rain in April will be around 81ºF and 38mm of rainfall. The average water temperature would be around 78ºF.

What is the weather like in June in Hawaii

Sunny, gorgeous, and dry. June sees the surf get on the south shores, while the north shore waves vanish fully. Sea temperatures are inconceivably happy during this period of the year. The average high temperature and rain in June will be around 82ºF and 43mm of rainfall. The average water temperature would be around 78ºF.

What is the weather like in July in Hawaii

Average temperatures are same in June and July; with somewhat more rain. South swells achieve their maximum, acquiring some huge waves. A coat is valuable in this period of the year, especially while going to Haleakala Crater or taking a helicopter visit.The average high temperature and rain in July will be around 82ºF and 57mm of rainfall. The average water temperature would be around 79ºF.

What is the weather like in August in Hawaii

In August, temperatures are at their max limit, and rainfall is at its annual low. The Northern surf is still low, while southern swells are extensive and west and east waves are rising in size. The average high temperature and rain in August will be around 84ºF and 34mm of rainfall. The average water temperature would be around 80ºF.

What is the weather like in September in Hawaii

September has the hottest water temperatures in the year within Hawaii, while the waves are medium to large on all shores. Air temperatures are quite hot. This is one of the rainy summer months. However, there’s still not as much rain as in the winter. The average high temperature and rain in September will be around 84ºF and 61mm of rainfall. The average water temperature would be around 80ºF.

What is the weather like in October in Hawaii

October is the last warm month before the winter. However, the downpours are starting to drop off. Waves on the south and east start to die down, and the north and western swells start to increase for winter. A rain coat or umbrella might be valuable if you are planning a visit during this month of the year. The average high temperature and rain in October will be around 84ºF and 80mm of rainfall. The average water temperature would be around 80ºF.

What is the weather like in November in Hawaii

This is the rainiest month in Hawaii, Bring an umbrella, and plan some drizzly day exercises in the case of a storm. Water and air temperatures are still exceptionally nice, and north and western waves are huge once more, many surfers enjoy this period for surfing. The average high temperature and rain in November will be around 79ºF and 124mm of rainfall. The average water temperature would be around 79ºF.

What is the weather like in December in Hawaii

In December, air temperatures achieve their winter lows, and are steady all through the coming months. Water temperatures are quite nice and comfortable. Southern waves level out totally, while western and particularly northern surf becomes greater. The first whales of the season show up in this month. The average high temperature and rain in December will be around 79ºF and 87mm of rainfall. The average water temperature would be around 77ºF.

Best Time To Travel Hawaii –Weather Conditions


For those visiting Oahu, you’ll discover that the highest temperature typically gets is in the eighties. However, they do have cooler months such as January and February. After that, the weather typically will go back on up and you’ll experience hotter weather around July to September in which the weather will rise well above the nineties at times. Unlike some of the other islands, Oahu actually does have all four seasons and around the winter months, you can expect temperatures in the sixties. From April to September Oahu is relatively dry and thus the best time to prepare for outdoor activities. In the winter months, for those who enjoy swimming, the water temperatures are around 70’s and of course warmer in the hotter months.


The coldest months you’ll find in Maui are between January and February in which the average high is low eighties. However, if you are willing to trek higher up the mountains you’ll notice at least a thirty degree drop in temperatures. An interesting fact for those planning to visit is that more rain falls at night than it does during the day. This doesn’t, of course, mean that you’re guaranteed a rain-free afternoon, just that it happens more at night. In general, Maui seems to get more rain in the winter months which means from about December to March you’ll find the most amount of rain in the area.


For the most part, you’ll find this island stays fairly warm most of the year. Even in the month of January, the weather reaches at least seventies. August, however, is the warmest month and reaches low eighties. Much like with the other islands, from April to September you’ll find are dryer months with December getting the most rain.

Hawaii (Big) Island:

In the summer months, you’ll find the big island reaching temperatures of the upper eighties while in the colder months the temperatures drop to lower seventies. December to March you’ll find it rains the most and the other months are typically drier.

Best Time To Travel Hawaii Islands

Oahu Island weather is great no matter what time you’re looking to travel, as they have year around warm weather conditions. In most cases, visitors prefer this island to the others because it tends to have the better climate/weather than that of the others.

Due to the fact that Oahu is one of the most popular choices, the best time to visit the island of Oahu is around the winter holidays. Many tourists and visitors alike prefer the summer months in which they can enjoy strolling on beautiful beaches or enjoy the cool waters. The winter months provide a little relief in the higher temperatures and allow for other activities such as the hiking trails, visit historical sites and so much more.

Oahu is the capital of Hawaii and also home to famous Pearl Harbor.A Pearl Harbor tour includes visits to the Museum, USS Arizona Memorial and multiple battleships anchored on the coast.

Apart from Pearl Harbor, you can visit the Nuuanu Pali Lookout, which offers the amazing view of the Hawaii mountains. The Lookout was the site where Battle of Nuuanu was fought.This was the battle that was responsible for uniting all of the Hawaiian Islands under the only king — King Kamehameha in 1795. The statue of King Kamehameha still stands tall in Honolulu. History enthusiast will also love to pay a visit to the only royal residence of Honolulu’s Iolani Palace. It’s the only official royal residence across the whole of US.


Moving on we then have the beautiful island of Maui which often becomes a favorite location in many movies. While like its brother islands, Maui stays warm for the most part all year around. However, winter weather is usually around the sixties whereas the summer stays around the seventies and up. For this reason, anyone looking to visit this beautiful island is recommended in doing so around the summer months to get more of their visit.

Much like Oahu, most visitors that come to Maui will prefer to do so around the January month when winter is just starting to let up and bring on the coming of summer. With January weather, it provides the perfect temperatures and climates for going on beautiful scenic drives, exploring the many waterfalls and getting to see the beautiful arrays of flowers.

Maui is also best known for its beaches. The soft white beach sand and crystal clear water is a delight for both sunbathers and water sports enthusiast. Kapalua, Kaanapali, Wailea, and Maluaka (commonly called as Makena) are must visit beaches in Maui.


The next island we’ll cover is Kauai which is by far one of the wettest islands there are. For those who’re looking for great weather, but want to escape the rain then it’s recommended to stay away between November and March. Those are the months in which it rains the most. Temperature wise, even in the winter you’ll never find this island to drop below the seventies which means unless you’re looking to avoid the rain you can visit during just about any time. However, if you’re looking to catch a magnificent sight of migrating whales, then November and March would be the best time to visit Hawaii Island.This island is great no matter the time of the year. However,  winter months are probably preferable for this island.

The island of Kauai is one of the farthest of the Hawaiian Islands. The island is better known for steep cliffs and mountainous coastline.This island is a hot spot for adventurous travelers, Most of the visitors enjoy spending time at Kauai’s Na Pali Coast State Parks and the eye-catching Waimea Canyon. It’s also a most preferred island for honeymoon couples: Couples can enjoy hiking in the day and then relax in their luxurious resort by end of the day.Kauai offers a lot of sightseeing opportunities such as visiting the canyons and going up winding trails. For this reason, visitors may want to participate in these activities when it’s cooler. in summer months, visitors may also want to participate in surfing lessons.


Finally, we’ll discuss Hawaii (big) island and when is the best period to visit this island. One of the biggest determining factors on when it’s the best time to visit Hawaii is based on what you’ll be visiting for. During the summer months, you’ll be less likely to encounter some of the rainy times of the year that Hawaii experiences. It’s probably more recommended that you avoid Hawaii during April and March. This is mostly due to a lot of Japanese tourists that come due to the Golden week holiday in Japan.

No matter the time of the year, the big island has a lot to offer for visitors. However, visitors often prefer to visit around January while things are still cool. It’s during this time they often engage in hiking, playing golf, and really getting out and about to explore the islands. In most cases, this is also the typical time of year when the islands (big one included) experience less rainfall than any other time of the year.

The Big Island has a large variety of places to go like, volcanoes, parks, beaches, museums, and restaurants. Hence it’s perfect for a family vacation. The kids love the Ellison S. Onizuka Center for International Astronomy and the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park , both of these are open all year-round. For families wanting to interact with wildlife, The coast of Kona offers snorkeling, dolphin watching and turtle spotting.There is just so much for this island to offer much like its name says.

Best Time To Travel Hawaii – Airfare and Accommodation

If you’re ever wondering when the best time to go to Hawaii is, then we urge you to keep reading. Depending on the time of the year each island will have a different set of prices for hotels and accommodations. Of course, no one wants to pay more than they have to especially when planning for a vacation. We’ll share you some tips on how to save money on each of the islands when it comes to planning your next big vacation to one of them.

  Hilo, Big Island Honolulu, Oahu Kahului ,Maui Kailua Kona ,Big island Lihue, Kauai
January $458 $632 $534 $619 $572
February $452 $614 $555 $606 $624
March $640 $748 $725 $725 $743
April $521 $692 $613 $641 $621
May $488 $666 $577 $585 $656
June $669 $838 $794 $790 $796
July $738 $861 $776 $805 $756
August $516 $731 $638 $644 $709
September $586 $726 $616 $637 $612
October $521 $709 $588 $706 $623
November $571 $753 $662 $686 $678
December $669 $781 $731 $816 $696

We’ll take you through each of the islands and guide you on how to spend less money on accommodations and airfare. When it comes to the islands prices and fares seems to vary on the time of year. With any of the islands, it’s recommended that you plan to book on a weekday instead of a weekend as you’ll find that it’s cheaper. Overall, you should plan to search multiple sites to find the best deal and when you see one, take it. Oahu, Hawaii, Kauai, and Maui all have small plane services between the islands that vary in price but are typically cheap when you want to travel between.

However, if you’re looking to travel from your home area then you will be paying much more. For Oahu, the winter and holiday seasons are going to cost more as many tourists from Japan are flocking to the area during that time. For most of the islands, in general, you’ll also find that any of the summer months are likely to bring higher prices due to the amount of tourism in these places. While winter prices can be fairly steep sometimes too, you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for discounts and savings through travel brochures or check with a travel agent to better help you get a good package deal.

Ideally, planning around the weekend or holidays should save you a bit more money into your budget. Picking later flights save some money as well. For some reason when you choose to fly later in the day the prices are often a little cheaper until the morning. For those with frequent flyer cards and flight reward cards, these are a good time to save up and use those points on your flights and hotels. Together they will help you save more money and earn more points towards other things such as accommodations while staying at one of the many hotels on the islands.

Many sites will offer you package deals if you choose to combine a flight with a hotel package and more so when a car rental service is used as well. By combining all of these options, you should be well on your way to a happy cheaper vacation.

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Things To Do In Chattanooga,TN

There are many things to do in Chattanooga, TN. This city is the fourth largest city in Tennessee. Chattanooga is exciting and happening weekend  destination for both families and couples. Lets first list and plan them.

Chattanooga aquarium:  The Chattanooga aquarium or Tennessee Aquarium is a delight to watch for people of all ages. This aquarium is really a combination of zoo and aquarium. You will see a wide array of birds, animals and fishes. Here you can see catfish which as big as a car. Fresh water sting rays and jelly fish create a electrifying environment.The aquarium is spread across in two buildings and you will need some quality time to enjoy it

Some Handy tips

If you are planning a trip on week days then , plan to reach after 2.00 pm. School children come in large numbers in this Aquarium daily, but wind up there activities by around 2.00 pm. While the last ticket is sold to visitors till 6.00 pm, the aquarium features can still be explored till 8.00 pm. Having said so, try and take the Ocean Journey building first to see the Penguins . The lights are turned off  at 6.00 pm in this building and the Penguins would be sleeping after 6.00pm. So keep that in mind while planning your day.

Chattanooga Riverpark

Tennessee Riverpark is one of the most admired Chattanooga parks, particularly through the lengthy hot summers. The tour starts at the Chickamauga Dam and flows through all along the mighty Tennessee river for the next ten miles, until it reaches Chattanooga downtown.

The Riverpark is between eight and ten feet wide. The Riverpark trail is well-lit and has beautiful landscaped grounds. It offers endless opportunities for various activities, or you can simply enjoy the view of the river. The park has six fishing spots for eager fishing enthusiast. The Riverpark also has boat ramp from you canoe in the waters.An important aspect of the park is water birds and other bird types

Chattanooga,Ruby falls

Ruby Falls is a must see attractions in Chattanooga. It’s a underground waterfall. The waterfall is 145 foot high and is located near Lookout Mountain on a Scenic Highway. The admired waterfalls are situated in the Ruby Falls Cave. This is a limestone cave is part of the Lookout Mountain Caverns. The Ruby Falls Cave consists of renowned cave formations resembling stalactites and stalagmites.

The falls are located at the end of the main walkway of the cave. The underground waterfall stream is found 1,120 feet under the earth’s surface. The underground waterfall is formed from natural springs and is helped by rain water as well.

Before planning a visit to Ruby Falls, check the schedule for special events.

 Chattanooga,Walnut St. Bridge

The Walnut St. Bridge is the longest pedestrian bridge in the world. This bridge connects the Tennessee River north shore and the Chattanooga downtown. It is a much loved weekend spot for Chattanooga people and visitors. Walnut Street Bridge was built in 1890. The bridge is 2,376 feet high. This was the first non-military bridge built across the Tennessee River.

The bridge was also called the “county bridge. In 1978, the bridge was closed for  vehicular traffic.Today, it acts as host for a variety of events like Wine over Water wine tasting and the Riverbend country music festival.

Chattanooga,Raccoon Mountain Caverns

Raccoon Mountain Caverns are action-packed destination for the curious and adventurous people. The caves are situated at the outskirts of Chattanooga. You can discover the inexplicable cave structure spread across 5 1/2 miles of mapped and explored routes.

You can choose between Crystal Palace Tour or go for one of the trendy and exhilarating cave expeditions.

A stopover to the Raccoon Mountain Caverns includes a range of activities like panning for gemstone, go-karting, relaxing by the campfire, or enjoying the overwhelming views of Lookout and Raccoon Mountains.

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